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"Southlands is a comprehensively planned land assembly / development project of Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC) located in the western section of the City of St. Johnís, and bounded by Pittís Memorial Drive.Southlands will eventually facilitate the development of more than 3000 residential building lots.Specific parcels of land are designated for semi-detached housing and apartments.Provision has also been made for parks, parkettes, watercourse walkways, schools, churches, convenience stores and commercial shopping areas.As well, an eighteen hole executive golf course is currently being privately developed on land immediately adjacent to the Southlands development.Southlands will be the home to a population of more than 16,500 people when completed.To date, 222 residential building lots have been developed in Area 1, referred to as Southern Woods, of which 132 building lots remain.These lots have a retail value of $5,704,900.00 and are available to the general public and builders at large.In conjunction with the development of this area, NLCH has been promoting public awareness in "friendly" environmentally methods when constructing a home.As well, included with each purchase are two mature trees.These trees are planted by NLHC landscaping personnel, at the purchaserís convenience, and are to be located in the front garden of the developed building lot."

Although Southlands is located on the outskirts of Mount Pearl and St. Johnís it accesses Pittís Memorial Drive and Ruby Line which allows the residents quick access to all amenities these cities have to offer.Ruby Line is a major traffic artery to Mount Pearl while Pittís Memorial Drive offers quick access to the downtown core of St. Johnís, Kenmount Road and the new Outer Ring Road that quickly accesses the east end of St. Johnís.

With walking trails and foot bridges already in place, open space for recreation, the planning for a school to be constructed and a golf course planned directly adjacent to the development, Southlands has a competitive advantage over other developments giving residents more space to raise families in a city type development but still retaining a rural aspect.Southlands, "Where thereís room to build your dreams.".